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Ordering Janus 4.3

After downloading Janus 4.3 you can purchase the registration codes here. On receiving your order, we will email you the registration codes to unlock the program. Please allow up to 72 hours to receive your registration information.

New Janus customers should select from the Janus 4.3 Download or Janus 4.3 on CD options.

Registered Janus 3 customers wishing to upgrade to Janus 4.3 should select from the Janus 4.3 Upgrade from Janus 3 or Janus 4.3 Upgrade from Janus 3 on CD options.

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Janus Astrology Software
Janus 4.3 Download $149.00 USD $190.00 NZD
Janus 4.3 on CD $169.00 USD $215.00 NZD
Janus 4.3 Demo on CD $20.00 USD $25.00 NZD
Janus 4.2 and 4.3 Updates on CD (Only applies to registered Janus 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 users) $20.00 USD $25.00 NZD

Registered Janus 3 users enter your Janus 3 Serial number here:

Janus 4.3 Upgrade from Janus 3 $99.00 USD $125.00 NZD
Janus 4.3 Upgrade from Janus 3 on CD $119.00 USD $150.00 NZD
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