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Janus Light


Overview for Janus Light

Janus Light is an entry-level astrology program for people who are interested in astrology but don’t need all of the features required by professional astrologers.

With Janus Light you can cast charts for your friends and family, as well as generate interpretation reports for natal, transits, relationship compatibility, astro-locality and relocation. The reports are also licensed for resale.

The program has 8 house systems, the standard planets including the Moon’s Nodes and the major aspects. There are 12 single and 8 bi-wheels with animation and an astro clock. It also has a calendar with 1 day, 1 month and 1 year options to choose from and an extensive astro-mapping module that can display A*C*G, Local Space, Parans and Destiny Points.

You can customize it in a number of ways, including selecting the colours of the planets, signs and aspect glyphs. You can also adjust the orbs and appearance of the aspect lines.

Janus Light has an extensive atlas and uses the Swiss Ephemeris.