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Janus 6 Software


It goes without saying how highly I regard your program as I've used it for so many many years, and it is still so user friendly, intelligently designed, and my choice for doing astro locality calculations and maps. Thanks for keeping your standards so high!

All the best,


The Janus Astrology Software is the most user-friendly astrological software I have encountered. I consider the Medieval Astrology Module to be the most accurate, authentic and easy to use Medieval Astrology software available.

I whole-heartedly endorse this software.

ROBERT ZOLLER, USA. Latinist and Medieval scholar, practitioner of Medieval Astrology

This very impressive program is worth exploring in depth, and there is plenty to explore, all of it friendly and accessible. Although an old hand myself, I learnt a few new things from the help facility, which effectively comprises a searchable textbook of astrological techniques.

DENNIS ELWELL, UK. Research Astrologer, author of "The Cosmic Loom"

It really is brilliant, and well worth the wait. It has so many new options, from file-handling to pattern searching, and stunning maps. Plus those who use midpoints or harmonics will find many new delights; the graphic ephemeris options are just what the Dr Ebertin ordered.

MIKE HARDING, UK. Research astrologer, author of "Hymns to the Ancient Gods"

It is easy to handle, very comprehensive and multifaceted. It is the finest and best value for money programme that I know.

UDO RUDOLPH, Germany. President of the Astrological Association Hamburg School

I want to take a moment to say how much I appreciate this program. I have many, but Janus answers most needs in and of itself. Your team's attitude toward improving Janus is remarkable, in that you seem to seriously address the problems presented you by your customers. I enjoy this program immensely and it is a wonderful compliment to my business.

Thank you again,


Hello and congratulations for your new, very impressive-sounding version of Janus. I trust you explicitly and have no need for a 30-day trial period. It is a pleasure supporting your fine work. You enjoy a superb; I might even say supreme, reputation among astrology applications.


Dear Janus

Your software is excellent. It's far better than other astrology software I've used. I really appreciate the user friendly design. I also very much appreciate the quality of the information you include and it feels like it has been designed/written either by astrologers or at the very minimum in consultation with them. (My guess would be both). So thank you, I will certainly recommend it to others.


Great job on Janus 4! I really appreciate your attention to detail in terms of the user. I am definitely enjoying the changes from Janus 3....keep on keepin' guys are doing awesome!


I'm liking Janus 4 and am very pleased with your support. The program has many nice features and I'm looking forward to experimenting with it.


Thank you all for producing such a user-friendly is a dream come true for me!

Regards, BEVERLY, NZ

Software is fantastic. The BEST.

Best regards,

MARIA, Brazil

I have just run a complete natal report on a client using your interpretations and am most impressed. I usually just check myself with your interpretations, but this time, lack of time encouraged me to run a complete one. It really is excellent, clear, and unambiguous.

Regards, PENNY

I would like to thank all the programmers and designers for the latest update to Janus 4. You all have worked with diligence and love.


You have done a terrific job and I love Janus even more now. A great program! Thanks a million!

Best regards,