Astrology House

Janus 6 Software


Main Screen

The opening screen of Janus 5. Initially, displays current chart for date, time and place of user's location. Charts cast or retrieved from file are displayed here.

Three Wheel

Three Wheel window showing selection of different wheel formats.

AstroLocality Map

AstroLocality Map (ALM) showing A*C*G for world.

Regional ALM of Australasia

Regional ALM of Australasia showing planet orbs and aspect lines with Janus 4 colors.

Theme map

Theme map showing planet lines and house rulers associated with 10th house of career.

Solar Eclipse Path

Solar Eclipse Path showing Local Mean Time.

Traditional chart

Traditional chart window with Profection list.


Cast a chart for a specific question.


Displays Rasi, Divisional, Shripati and Transit charts. Includes Dasa and Panchang.

One Month Graphic Ephemeris

One Month Graphic Ephemeris including lunar phases and aspect symbols.


Uranian window displaying 90-degree dial and TNPs & Daily Sun Formulas.


Track mundane events and transits to the natal chart for 1 day, 1 month or 1 year.